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GICT Certification in Business Analytics

Obtain a Certification in Business Analytics

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What is Business Analytics (BA)?

Business Analytics is a study of statistical and operational information given out/produced by any organization or a business. It requires quantitative methods and evidence-based data for business modeling and decision making. For example, such data could be from a sales department cross checked with marketing department and production department in a given company. Once the analysis is complete, the conclusion/the solution/the prediction will be modeled back into business operations to maximize the output. Hence the term ‘data driven’ organizations / businesses emerge.

How can our Business Analytics course help you?

Business Analytics course by GICT Training in Singapore, is specially designed to identify your targeted role in a company and suggest the most suitable Certification program to help you move to the next phase in your career.

Business Analytics Certification Courses

Course Outline

  • Unit 1: Introduction to Business Analytics
  • Unit 2: Types of Analytics
  • Unit 3: Data/Information Architecture
  • Unit 4: Data Quality in Analytics
  • Unit 5: Data Mining and Analytics
  • Unit 6: Data Mining Process
  • Unit 7: CRISP-DM Standard
  • Unit 8: Data Mining Techniques
  • Unit 9: Data Mining Tools
  • Unit 10: Software Tool

Course Outcome

  • Introduction to Business Analytics and its impact on enterprises with several use cases.
  • Gain a complete understanding of Existing Data Architecture across several organisations and how Big Data Technologies are stacked together
  • Gain a solid foundation in the statistical and analytical methods that make up the backbone of data science
  • Learn key predictive modelling techniques and apply them to solve real life problems.
  • Get Skilled in using popular Data Mining Tool: Rapid Miner and implement key algorithms including text analytics.


  • 32 Hours (4 Days)

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