Certified Business Analytics Specialist (CBAS) Course

Course Description

The Certified Business Analytics Specialist (CBAS) program is primarily designed for business managers and covers the end-to-end principles of business analytics and its strategic importance to any organization. It deals with practical concepts and techniques and leverages on industry tools to gain insights from data.  In the landscape of business analytics, areas such as data mining, data warehousing, data mart architecture and business intelligence are discussed in-depth. Various analytics pillars such as descriptive analytics, diagnostic analytics, predictive analytics, prescriptive analytics, text, and web analytics are covered with practical real-life use-cases.

Business Analytics Course

Course Objective

Participants will be equipped with industry-relevant skillset of investigating data attributes to establish correlation and discover the underlying patterns using techniques such as correlation analysis, association rules and k-means clustering. Participants will also learn how to create interactive dashboards and engaging reports using Business Intelligence tools. Participants will also acquire the skillset of developing predictive model with a process-based tool. As part of the business analytics course, participants will review a case study which covers all the aspects of the business analytics, from engineering a Data-Information Architecture to the framework of CRISP-DM and finally translating all the business requirements to build a predictive model.

Skills Acquired

Participants stand to gain skillsets such as data munging, data visualization, predictive data analytics and result analysis. In addition, participants will gain a high-level operational overview on these concepts and how they are intertwined with one another from an organizational standpoint. As part of the business analytics course, participants will undertake a case study which covers all aspects of the business analytics lifecycle, from designing an architecture for data to information conversion following the Cross-Industry Process for Data Mining (CRISP-DM) framework and translating all business requirements into a predictive model.

Who should attend?

Anyone who wish to acquire knowledge on business applications for analytics. With a background in business analytics, you can find a niche in any industry. This program is designed for non-technical professionals, however those with technical backgrounds will be advantageous.

Course Outline

Software used: Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, RapidMiner

Course Outcome


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Timothy Timuari

National Univ. of Singapore (student)
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