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What to expect for the Business Analytics Specialist Course ?

GICT Certified Business Analytics Specialist course covers the concept of Business Analytics and its strategic importance to any organization. The course deals with principles, concepts, techniques and tools used in business analytics landscape which includes data mining, data warehouse, data mart, business intelligence, business analytics. Also, this course covers different types of business analytics with real life use cases including text analytics and web analytics. Participants will get good picture of all these concepts and how they all are interconnected to each other in organizational context.

Business Analytics Specialist Course

Business Analytics is one of the fastest growing technologies which organizations are embracing globally. There has been growing adoption of business analytics software solutions across various industries for analyzing trends, modelling and forecasting, thus enabling businesses to formulate strategies based on new insights. According to a global market research report, the Business Analytics Market is estimated to reach $71.1 billion by 2022 growing at a CAGR of 6.9% from 2015 to 2022.

The primary objective of a Business Analyst is to help the businesses implement technology solutions in a cost-effective way by settling on the requirements of a project or program, and communicating them clearly to stakeholders, facilitators and partners. In addition, a BA specialist may also be responsible for participating in design review, providing analytical support and recommendations, developing technical specifications against business requirements, executing system testing for program changes and enhancements, and preparing various comparative analyses for projects.

Through Certified Business Analytics Specialist (CBAS) course, participants will acquire knowledge on how to use business analytics strategically in organization and to get the most benefit out of it. Also, they will learn to select appropriate type of business analytics based on organizational needs. Participants will actively step through the industry standard process for data mining and realize why an advanced degree in statistics, mathematics or computer science is no longer needed to implement predictive analytics. Live working sessions reveal real-world obstacles and breakthroughs from which to interpret, learn and apply.

As part of the course, participant will be given a case study and it would cover all the aspects of the Business Analytics, right from making a Data/Information Architecture for the case study to the cycle of CRISP-DM and finally converting all the requirements into predictive models using Rapid Miner tool.

Course Outline
  • Unit 1: Introduction to Business Analytics
  • Unit 2: Types of Analytics
  • Unit 3: Data/Information Architecture
  • Unit 4: Data Quality in Analytics
  • Unit 5: Data Mining and Analytics
  • Unit 6: Data Mining Process
  • Unit 7: CRISP-DM Standard
  • Unit 8: Data Mining Techniques
  • Unit 9: Data Mining Tools
  • Unit 10: Software Tool

Tools/Software used: RapidMiner, Power BI, Tableau

Course Outcome
  • Introduction to Business Analytics and its impact on enterprises with several use cases.
  • Gain a complete understanding of Existing Data Architecture across several organisations and how Big Data Technologies are stacked together
  • Gain a solid foundation in the statistical and analytical methods that make up the backbone of data science
  • Learn key predictive modelling techniques and apply them to solve real life problems.
  • Get Skilled in using popular Data Mining Tool: Rapid Miner and implement key algorithms including text analytics.
  • 32 Hours (4 Days)
  • Participants are recommended to have preferably 1 year of experience in software development, business domain or data/business analysis. However, if you do not have any experiences, you can still consider taking up the course and we will advise / assist you accordingly.


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