Certified Business Analytics Associate (CBAA) Course

Objective of the Certified Business Analytics Associate Course

GICT Certified Business Analytics Associate Course ​(CBAA) covers the concept of Business Analytics and its strategic importance to any organization. The course deals with basic principles, concepts, techniques and tools used in business analytics. Also, this course covers different types of business analytics with real life use cases including text analytics and web analytics. Participants will get a good picture of all these concepts and how they all are interconnected to each other in organizational context.

Business Analytics Associate Training

Business Analytics is one of the fastest growing technologies which organizations are embracing globally. There has been growing adoption of business analytics software solutions across various industries for analyzing trends, modelling and forecasting, thus enablingbusinesses to formulate strategies based on new insights. According to a global market research report, the Business Analytics Market is estimated to reach $71.1 billion by 2022 growing at a CAGR of 6.9% from 2015 to 2022.

Participants will also be exposed to various software tools in the market for analytics. The course would be ideal for executives to gain an insight on the analytics and how to align to the business vision and get the value out of it.

Course Outline
Course Outcome

Tools/Software used: RapidMiner, Power BI, MongoDB



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Ting Zhi Siow

Ting Zhi Siow

Senior Accountant

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Carmen Hui - GICT Training

Carmen Hui

Regional Media Director

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Timothy Timuari

Timothy Timuari

National Univ. of Singapore (student)
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