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Objective of the Certified Cloud Computing Professional course

GICT Certified Cloud Computing Professional course (CCCP) is specially designed to address the growing need for people having skills, expertise and competence in deploying and managing applications in computing clouds. It will impart participants various technical, management and governance skills needed to successfully identify, deploy and manage various types of applications in clouds, and to develop and implement enterprise cloud strategy. It will also enable them harness the potential of the clouds creating value and minimizing the risks and meeting compliance and regulatory requirements.

Cloud Computing Professional course

The program will provide participants essential skills to examine cloud computing options, the ability to apply cloud computing in different application contexts, and the ability to recommend suitability of, as well as implications of, cloud computing for a given application considering several technical and non-technical aspects, including security, privacy, compliance and business continuity.

Participants will undergo intensive training program which will consist of lectures/presentations augmented with hands-on, case studies, tutorials and interactive discussion plus project work component (PWC) that participants will undertake after the 4-day training and submit their project work for assessment. Participants will also receive comprehensive course materials and resources for further information. Thus, the participants will learn by different means and sources: lecture/presentations, project work, tutorial discussions, Q&A sessions, comprehensive lecture notes, and helpful additional resources.

Course Outline
  • Unit 1: Cloud Computing Introduction
  • Unit 2 : Cloud Computing Deployment & Delivery Models
  • Unit 3: Cloud Computing Building Blocks, Virtualisation
  • Unit 4: Cloud Scalability, Monitoring & Management
  • Unit 5: Pricing of Cloud Services
  • Unit 6: Other Forms of Virtualization
  • Unit 7: Building a Private Cloud
  • Unit 8: Cloud Computing Coding in Cloud
  • Unit 9 : Cloud Computing: Security, Privacy, and Risks

Tools/Software used: OpenNebula, AWS, GCP, Azure

Course Outcome
  • An in-depth understanding of the concepts of cloud computing
  • Understand the various service models and deployment models of cloud computing
  • Understand the cloud architecture and its design aspects
  • Understand the business aspects of adapting cloud into organization
  • Understand the cloud economics and ROI with case studies
  • 32 Hours (4 Days) Classroom Training

Participants are recommended to have any one of the following certifications to take up this GICT CCCP certification.

1. GICT Certified Cloud Computing Specialist (CCCS)
2. EXIN Cloud Technologies Advanced



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