Certified Cloud Computing Specialist (CCCS) Training

Objective of the Cloud Computing Specialist Training

The Certified Cloud Computing Specialist (CCCS) training will help participants acquire comprehensive understanding of cloud computing, various types of clouds and current cloud offerings that they can make use for different kinds of applications in various business sectors. They will also gain the skills they need to identify cloud computing’s potential, benefits and risks and to evaluate cloud’s various offerings.

Cloud Computing Specialist Training

In particular, it will also impart participant an in-depth knowledge of cloud computing – architectures, technologies, application development on clouds, emerging cloud standards, and performance monitoring and evaluation. In addition, the cloud computing specialist training will provide participants essential skills to examine cloud computing as well the technologies and framework that support cloud computing They will also gain requisite skills to review in-depth a variety of currently available cloud computing options, satisfactorily address the issue and challenges, develop cloud-based applications, offer cloud computing services, and deploy applications in clouds, addressing the cloud challenges.

Role of a Cloud Computing Specialist

As a cloud computing specialist, your role is to manage company information and services that are migrated into the cloud. It is essential that there is no interruption in services during this migration. You will help ensure this by analyzing a company’s needs and helping them select the appropriate cloud technology. As responsibilities you may be involve in providing design input, collaborating with customer service and analysts on project milestones, and analyzing weaknesses and recommending system improvements. You must also be able to effectively weigh the potential risks of IT solutions against a company’s IT needs

Course Outline
Software used: Ubuntu, Oracle Virtual Box, Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Terraform
Course Outcome


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Navarro Aries Piccolo

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