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Objective of the IoT course

GICT Certified IoT Professional course (CIoTP) will focus on the core technologies behind IoT. On top of that, this program leverages and explores the middleware for IoT, Machine learning for Intelligent IoT, Data Science for Intelligent IoT, Analytic engine for IoT, Big data platform for IoT and API design considerations for IoT which makes the world fully connected.

Trainees will also get to design and develop smart IoT applications through Blynk, acquire knowledge on AI for IoT, understand the API Design considerations for the IoT and manage smart IoT projects through different platform.

IoT Professional course

The Internet of Things (IoT) is beginning to grow significantly, as consumers, businesses, and governments recognize the benefit of connecting IoT devices to the internet. We are entering the era of the connected business model. Potentially, any asset, person, product, process, or source of data can be connected, making a reality of the long forecast connected house, car, factory and ecosystem. Smaller and cheaper sensors—embedded technology in products like cars, oil wells, wearables, and business processes—will become the norm over the next decade. All this connectedness has the potential to radically change business models and the competitive landscape.

According to BI Intelligence report, The Internet of Things will be the largest device market in the world. We estimate that by 2019 it will be more than double the size of the smartphone, PC, tablet, connected car, and the wearable market combined.

The IoT will result in $1.7 trillion in value added to the global economy in 2019. This includes hardware, software, installation costs, management services, and economic value added from realized IoT efficiencies. Device shipments will reach 6.7 billion in 2019 for a five-year CAGR of 61%. Revenue from hardware sales will be only $50 billion or 8% of the total revenue from IoT-specific efforts, as software makers and infrastructure companies will earn the lion’s share.

The enterprise sector will lead the IoT, accounting for 46% of device shipments this year, but that share will decline as the government and home sectors gain momentum. By 2019, government will be the leading sector for IoT device shipments.

After the course, participants will have a good understanding of the different pieces of an IoT system and how they interact.
Bringing together these skills and the related specific knowledge on the subject will allow the project partners to tackle all aspects of considerable complexity of developing a general architecture for the Internet of Thing

Course Outline
  • Unit 1: Introduction to IoT
  • Unit 2. IoT Applications
  • Unit 3: Overview of IoT
  • Unit 4. Components & Elements of IoT
  • Unit 5. Architecture of IoT system
  • Unit 6. Databases for IoT
  • Unit 7: Mobile integration to enable IoT
  • Unit 8: Security aspects of IoT
  • Unit 9: Privacy aspects of IoT

Tools/Software used: Arduino, MQTT, OpenNebula,  RapidMiner, Raspberry Pi

Course Outcome
  • Acquire the knowledge and skills on Business Overview of IoT system
  • Design and develop smart IoT Applications through Blynk
  • Learn about the Functional Components and Classification of the IoT Middleware.
  • Acquire the knowledge on AI for IoT
  • Acquire the skills on Data Science, Analytic engine and Big Data platform in IoT
  • Learn about the API Design Considerations for the IoT
  • 32 Hours (4 Days) Classroom Training
  • Participants are recommended to have preferably 1 year of experience in software development, business domain or data/business analysis. However, if you do not have any experiences, you can still consider taking up the course and we will advise / assist you accordingly.


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