Certified Internet of Things Professional (CIoTP) Course

Course Description

IoT solutions help to connect massive of IoT devices by reducing the complexity and thus increase the operational effectivity and create new organizational value. Other than the common IoT concepts which comprise of hardware, software, and middleware, we must also take into consideration of IoT cloud and security.

Participants will acquire knowledge on the end-to-end concepts for IoT. It deals with the various principle, concepts, techniques, and tools used in IoT which comprise various hardware, software, middleware, communication, IoT cloud, and IoT Security. In addition, this course will also cover how cloud computing augments the growth of IoT and various IoT security including hardware security, network security, cloud security, and data security.

IoT certification program, IoT Professional course

Course Objectives

The objective of this course is to equip participants with various principles, concepts, techniques, and tools used in IoT which comprise various hardware, software, middleware, communication, IoT programming, IoT cloud, and IoT Security. Participants will be equipped with an industry-relevant skillset of working with popular hardware (Arduino Uno, NodeMCU, and Raspberry Pi), send data to IoT platforms with various communication protocols, design and build IoT projects. In addition, participants will be equipped with the knowledge of IoT cloud and security. This training also provided different types of IoT real-life case studies.

Skills acquired

Participants will be able to analyse real-life applications by implementing electric circuits using various hardware including Arduino Uno, NodeMCU, and Raspberry Pi. In addition, participants will be able to acquire Arduino Uno and Python programming skills to interact with the sensor and actuator. Participants will be equipped with the practical end-to-end IoT to implement MQTT communication protocol including security consideration.

Why should you upskill in IoT?

The Internet of Things (IoT) has begun to grow significantly as consumers, businesses and governments recognize the benefit of connecting IoT devices to the internet. We are entering the era of the connected business model. Potentially, any asset, person, product, process or source of data can be connected. All this connectedness has the potential to radically change business models and the competitive landscape. IoT will transform and it requires rethinking of how we compute today.

Course Outline
Software used: Arduino Uno, Raspberry Pi, Node-Red, Node MCU, Python Programming language, Arduino Programming language, Mosquitto MQTT
Course Outcome


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