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GICT Cloud Computing Certification

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What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is the delivery of computing services which includes servers, storage space, databases, networking, software and more services over the Internet. Companies offering this type of computing services are called cloud providers. Cloud computing can help organizations to focus on their business operations instead of expending resources on computer infrastructure and maintenance. 

How can Cloud Computing training enhance my career?

GICT Cloud Computing training will provide participants with an in-depth knowledge on Cloud Computing, its techniques and its applications. This program is specially designed to address the growing need for people having skills, expertise and competence in deploying and managing applications in computing clouds. It will impart participants various technical, management and governance skills needed to successfully identify, deploy and manage various types of applications in clouds.

Course Outline

  • Unit 1: Cloud Computing Introduction
  • Unit 2: Cloud Computing: Building Blocks and Virtualization
  • Unit 3: Building a Private Cloud
  • Unit 4: Cloud Computing: Coding in Cloud
  • Unit 5: Cloud Computing: Security, Privacy and Risks

Course Outcome

  • An in-depth understanding of the concepts of cloud computing
  • Understand the various service models and deployment models of cloud computing
  • Understand the cloud architecture and its design aspects
  • Understand the business aspects of adapting cloud into organization
  • Understand the cloud economics and ROI with case studies

Cloud Computing certification programs

Cloud computing certification

Certified Cloud Computing Associate (CCCA)

 is a 2 days intensive training program which is designed to provide knowledge, skills, competency and expertise to IT professionals in the fast growing area of strategic importance. 

Duration: 32 hours (4 days)

Cloud Computing Training

Certified Cloud Computing Specialist (CCCS)

training will help participants acquire comprehensive understanding of cloud computing, various types of clouds and current cloud offerings that they can make use for different kinds of applications in various business sectors.

Duration: 32 hours (4 days)

Cloud Computing Courses

Certified Cloud Computing Professional (CCCP)

training is specially designed to address the growing need for people having skills, expertise and competence in deploying and managing applications in computing clouds.

Duration: 32 hours (4 days)


“During this difficult time, GICT Training was able to arrange the training and certification programs at short notice, and the virtual delivery of training didn’t affect the transfer of knowledge, in my opinion. I’m impressed.”
Michelle Chu - GICT Training
Michelle Chu
Application Manager, Pacific International Lines
“GICT CBDSA (Big Data Science) program gave insights of big data technologies used extensively in today's world. The Principal Trainer was experienced and was able to clarify doubts promptly.
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Manoj Bhardwaj
Manoj Bhardwaj
Project Director, NeoXam
“GICT CBAS (Business Analytics) provides a good learning opportunity to anyone who would like to acquire knowledge on business analytics. The course was conducted professionally with comprehensive course materials Read More
Jazin Wee
Jazin Wee
Singapore Management University (SMU)
“GICT CBAS (Business Analytics) training has broadened my knowledge on data analytics. The Principal Trainer is also very nice and friendly.”
Ong Yiren
Ong Yiren