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GICT Certification in Cyber Security (AI)

Obtain a Cyber Security (AI)​ certification

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Cyber Security Course Objective

GICT Certified AI Cyber Security Specialist course aims to address how AI can transform Cyber-Security for Good and Bad, Applications of AI uses in Security (Engineering facilities) and Applications of AI misuses in Security (Social facilities).

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Course Outline

  • Unit 1: How is AI transforming cyber-security for good?
  • Unit 2: Deployment of ML/AI to detect specific cyber-security problems
  • Unit 3: How is AI transforming cyber-security for bad?
  • Unit 4: Deployment of engineered attacks on machine learning models
  • Unit 5: Cyber-attacks on water treatment facilities
  • Unit 6: Engineered attacks on water distribution systems
  • Unit 7: Engineered attacks on image recognition capability of autonomous vehicles
  • Unit 8: Engineered attacks on driving operational parameters (via manipulation of datasets)


  • 32 hours (4 Days)

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