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GICT Certification in Data Analytics

Obtain a Certification in Data Analytics

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The role of a Data Analytics Specialist

As a data analytics professional, you will be working as a strategy oriented role or can work as a very specialized deep learning scientist. The ‘strategy oriented’ role has a stronger component of the business, while the ‘deep learning’ role has a much stronger component of analytics. Therefore, a data analytics professional generally has a trade-off between these two components and you can switch between roles that have different proportions of the two components. The value which you create for yourself is a positively correlated function of business understanding and analytics.

Why should you attend our Data Analytics R course?

Certified Data Analytics (R) Specialist course by GICT Training is designed for professionals who aspire to learn an open source R tool for Analytics. It covers the concept of Business Analytics and its strategic importance to any organization. You will understand how cutting-edge businesses use data to optimize marketing, maximize revenue, make operations efficient, and make hiring and management decisions so that you can apply these strategies to your own company or business. Participants will learn how to address business needs through the use of analytics, how some organizations have done it and what has been done to achieve them. Conducted interactively with case studies and real business problems, participants can also expect to learn the basic principles, concepts, techniques and tools used in business analytics. This Data Analytics certification course covers different types of business analytics with real life use cases including descriptive analytics and predictive analytics as well

Data Analytics Course Outline:

  • Unit 1: Introduction of Business Analytics
  • Unit 2: Introduction to R
  • Unit 3: Data Structures, Operators and Functions in R
  • Unit 4: Exploring and Visualizing Data in R
  • Unit 5: NoSQL Database with R for Data Analysis
  • Unit 6: Big Data Analysis in R
  • Unit 7: Data Mining in R
  • Unit 8: Predictive Modelling in R
  • Unit 9: R Applications

Course Outcome

  • Introduction to Data Analytics and its impact on enterprises with several real use cases and examples
  • Gain a solid foundation in the statistical and analytical methods that make up the backbone of data science
  • Get skilled in R Programming from beginner to advance level (includes Data Wrangling Techniques, Text Analytics, Word Cloud etc.)
  • Learn key Data Mining & Predictive Modelling techniques and implement using R Script /Rattle Package
  • Gain complete understanding of Big Data Landscape and how NoSQL databases playing key role in Analytics
  • Get Skilled in NoSQL DB: MongoDB & learn to query on Document based (JSON/BSON) Data.


  • 32 Hours (4 Days)

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