GICT Internet Of Things (IoT) Courses

Why Internet of Things (IoT) matters?

There is a significant rise in the demand for IoT in Singapore or rather worldwide. With the emergence of sensors technology and the advances in communication technologies and cloud computing, we are moving towards a new computing paradigm, which will involve trillions of connected devices – Internet of Things (IoT). IoT will transform and it requires rethinking of how we compute today.

What to expect at our IoT courses?

IoT course | internet of things course Singapore
Our IoT courses focuses on the core technologies behind the internet of things. It leverages and explores the infrastructure, communication, sensor technologies, networking technologies, data/storage/analytics and security aspects of IoT in building the next-generation computing realm. In addition, these IoT training leverages and explores the middleware, machine learning, data science, analytic engine and API design considerations for IoT. Participants will acquire knowledge on AI for IoT, understand the API Design considerations for IoT and manage smart IoT projects through different platform. Upon successful completion of the program, participants will receive an IoT certification awarded by GICT Training.

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