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Global ICT Training & Certification – GICT offers interactive online certified courses for corporate and industrial world from a team of in-house professionals on every aspect from concept development, course design, technical writing to authoring. We have a track record of offering word class on-site courses, now offering E-learning contents to reach global audiences who otherwise could not attend such courses physically and

  • Allows to engage learners interactively to enhance their interest of learning
  • Offers low cost, content rich, and latest syllabuses
  • Focuses on corporate world and enhance every student to be ready for that
  • Renders the best services as promised in completing courses on time

Introduction to IoT (Internet of Things)

The Introduction to IoT, is an introductory online certification course, that will help learners to comprehend the concepts of IoT and the potential impact on businesses and economies. The course introduces participants to IoT technologies, discusses the challenges of IoT and the solutions to these challenges. The course includes real world use-cases as well as prototyping in IoT. Enroll with us and learn more about IoT, its applications and significance.

Introductory special offer at SGD 50 SGD 24.99

Cloud Computing Foundation (CCF)

This is a one day online course developed to cover the basics of Cloud Computing. CCF course will help you acquire technical knowledge and its characteristics at the surface level and take you through the general management aspects of Cloud Computing which will cover IT service Management and Information Security.

Promotion now only at SGD 50 SGD 24.99.

Business Analytics Foundation (BAF)

BAF is a one day flexible learning course that is offered in a self-paced format. The participants can begin taking the course anytime. BAF course will help acquire knowledge on how Business Analytics is used as one of the important aspects of Business to gain a competitive edge for the organization and get benefit out of it.

Promotion now only at SGD 50 SGD 24.99.

Introduction to Python

Python is an incredibly efficient language where fewer lines of code are required as compared to other programming languages, and is widely used in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. This 1-day online course will help individuals to understand and implement Python code with examples. Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to build projects by writing simple programs in Python.

Promotion now only at SGD 50 SGD 24.99.

Key benefits of GICT online certified courses

  • Learn at your own pace – any time, any day, any where
  • Take time in completing of assignments and study materials
  • Certificate of Participation at the end of the course
  • Offline support through emails from instructors

Why online certified courses?


Each course depicts in-depth learning objectives and the required knowledge transfer. Our courses are tailored to the audience and transform the information into an effective E-learning experience.


Our e-learning methodologies for every course is complemented with E-learning tools like blogs, wikis, chats, faculty interactive session and transform lonely e-learning experience into a class room model.

Online Media

Professionally produced learning materials are disseminated to bring learning to life.


Our E-learning students have access to our global network of faculties and get their queries answered within 24-48 hours of time.


E-learning system allows participants to follow materials on their own pace anytime any day suitable for their learning without any constrains.

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