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  • “As a Data Scientist, it was a good experience for me in attending the CMLS (Machine Learning) program by GICT as it provided comprehensive explanation of different Machine Learning algorithms and...Read more

    GICT Training Testimonials

    Dr Ni Wang Dong

    Data Scientist, CrimsonLogic Pte Ltd
  • "I took on the CMLS certified course under GICT recently. I am very impressed with the clear instructions, step-by-step guide, patience instructor and the practicality and relevancy of the materials...Read more

    Zheng Hui Lin

    Education Liaison Manager
  • “GICT CIoTP (Internet of Things) program has covered almost all IoT-related topics, such as IT data generation, data transfer, data storage and visualization. In addition, IoT security as well...Read more

    GICT Training Testimonials

    Li Jianfeng

    System Engineer, GovTech
  • “The courses at GICT allowed me to acquire deep knowledge on Data Science, Blockchain technology, Cloud Computing and IoT by way of classroom hands-on and project work component which reinforces...Read more

    GICT Training Testimonials

    Amit Banore

    Project Manager
  • "The CMLS (Machine Learning) course has covered a broad scope of several machine learning concepts relevant to the real world today. It provided the foundations and piqued my interest for further...Read more

    Justin Tan

    Singapore Management University (student)
  • "The CMLS (Machine Learning) course was very well prepared and it gave me an introduction to many machine learning algorithms that i did not know about. It is structured to allow participants to...Read more

    Emil Pic

    Emil Yong

    National Univ. of Singapore (student)
  • “During this difficult time, GICT Training was able to arrange the virtual instructor-led training at short notice, and the delivery of training didn’t affect the transfer of knowledge, in my...Read more

    Michelle Chu - GICT Training

    Michelle Chu

    Application Manager, Pacific International Lines
  • “GICT CBDSA (Big Data Science) program gave insights of big data technologies used extensively in today's world. The Principal Trainer was experienced and was able to clarify doubts promptly. This...Read more

    Manoj Bhardwaj

    Manoj Bhardwaj

    Project Director, NeoXam
  • "I have just completed GICT’s CMLS (Machine Learning) course and it has been a wonderful experience. The principal trainer and administration team are extremely helpful and always ready to clarify...Read more

    Rickson Hu

    Nanyang Technological Univ (student
  • "I attended the GICT (CBAS) training with the intention of acquiring skills on RapidMiner and Power BI. The principal trainer was really keen to share his knowledge and was very patient with all the...Read more

    GICT Training Testimonials

    John Lim

  • “As a Business Analyst professional without much hands-on coding experience, the GICT’s Principal Trainer was very helpful in guiding me during the training. At the end of the course, I’ve...Read more

    GICT Training Testimonials

    Roger Ang

  • “GICT’s Principal Trainer is knowledgeable and able to answer our questions with relevant examples…”

    GICT Training Testimonials

    Andrea Er

    Assoc System Engineer, GovTech
  • I took the Certified Cloud Computing Course during the “circuit breaker” (lock down) due to COVID. We had to undergo the training online via Zoom. Initially I was doubtful of the training as it...Read more

    Navarro Aries Piccolo

    Navarro Aries Piccolo

    JPMorgan Chase, Senior Messaging Engineer
  • "I am thankful for GICT’s CMLS training as it was rewarding for a beginner like myself. This 4 days course is well developed/comprehensive with hands-on exercises and project work to get you...Read more

    GICT Training Testimonials

    Nigel Yeo

    Assistant Manager , OCBC Bank
  • As an Arts and Social Sciences student, GICT CBAS (Business Analytics) training and certification program has been a boon for me to enhance my portfolio and gain an edge over my peers. Even in the...Read more

    Timothy Timuari

    Timothy Timuari

    National Univ. of Singapore (student)
  • "GICT CIoTP (Internet of Things) course offered me greater understanding in IoT and its application. I personally like the hands-on session that reinforces the theories learnt."Read more

    GICT Training Testimonials

    Soh Eng Lam

    Senior Lecturer/ Senior Manager, Ngee Ann Polytechnic
  • "The CIoTP (Internet of Things) training offered by GICT has equipped me with much sought after IoT knowledge which has now boosted my confidence at work"

    GICT Training Testimonials

    Vincent Chew

    Project Manager, Azure Pte Ltd
  • "During the course of the training, the trainees and the principal trainer were able to engage in active sharing and discussions to relate content with real life scenarios."

    GICT Training Testimonials

    Teo Cheng Kok

    Managing Director, Azure Pte Ltd
  • "GICT CIoTP (Internet of Things) training program provided a broad spectrum of the available technologies for IoT and big data. The program also encourages independent learning by requiring...Read more

    GICT Training Testimonials

    Dominic Lim

    Process Engineer
  • "GICT CMLS (Machine Learning) course was a great introductory course covering a broad scope of machine learning concepts, reinforced with industry insights from the instructor. It helped build my...Read more

    GICT Training Testimonials

    Seet Choon Keat

    Platform Architect, Uhub
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