Introduction to IoT

Introduction to IoT will help learners to comprehend the concepts of IoT and the potential impact on businesses and economies. The e-Training material introduces participants to IoT technologies, discusses the challenges of IoT and the solutions to these challenges. It includes real world use-cases as well as prototyping in IoT.

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Introduction to IoT Outcome:

  • Learn what is IoT and its rapidly growing impact to enterprises, nations and society.
  • Learn about the convergence of IoT and Operational Technology(Embedded)
  • Know what are the skill sets required for IoT
  • Build a basic weather monitoring system

Target audience.

  • A software or hardware engineer/developer who wants to appreciate the rapidly growing demand for skills in IOT.
  • A technology professional who needs to understand what a smart environment is about and explore the different use cases.
  • An ICT professional who wants to explore what are the typical prototyping tools in IoT

Internet of Things (IoT) certification programs

  • Certified Internet of Things Specialist (CIoTS)
  • Certified Internet of Things Professional (CIoTP)

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