Certified Machine Learning Specialist (CMLS) Course

Course Description

The Certified Machine Learning Specialist (CMLS) program is aimed at aspiring data practitioners, from data analysts to data scientists. It provides a high-level overview of concepts, data manipulation techniques, and machine learning algorithms using the Python programming language, which is one of the world’s most versatile programming languages and tools such as RapidMiner and Weka.

Machine Learning Course,Machine Learning Specialist course

Course Objective

The objective is to equip participants with practical skills to implement classification models and regression models using various supervised learning algorithms such as linear and logistic regression models, k-nearest neighbors, neural networks, support vector machine, decision trees and ensemble methods such as random forest.  Participants will also acquire the skills related to the implementation of unsupervised learning algorithms such as k-means clustering and other analytical methods such as correlation analysis and association rules to derive insights from their data.

Skills Acquired

Participants will be equipped with practical end-to-end machine learning skillsets such as engineering classification and regression models using Support Vector Machines (SVM), Decision Trees, Bayesian Networks, Neural Network, and ensemble model such as Random Forest to name a few. In addition, participants will be equipped with the knowledge of validating the engineered model using cross-validation methodology and interpreting the performance of the model using a performance matrix. Participants stand to gain industry-ready practical skills such as Scikit-Learn, NumPy, Pandas, SciPy and Tensorflow.

Who should attend?

Anyone who wish to get skilled in Machine Learning using Python programming is recommended to participate in this program. It is designed for non-technical and technical professionals, however those with programing background in any languages will be advantageous. 

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence is gathering momentum to be one of the key pillars of the next Industry Revolution.

“Modern enterprises are drowning in data and starving information”

Course Outline
Software used: RapidMinert, Weka, Jupyter Notebook
Course Outcome


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Data Scientist, CrimsonLogic Pte Ltd

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Zheng Hui Lin

Education Liaison Manager

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Justin Tan

Justin Tan

Singapore Management University (student)
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