“As a Data Scientist, it was a good experience for me in attending the CMLS (Machine Learning) program by GICT as it provided comprehensive explanation of different Machine Learning algorithms and the fundamental applications, especially for Deep Learning (e.g. CNN, Keras and TensorFlow). A lot of new open source Machine Learning software can also be learned from this course as well. It is highly recommended to students and professionals.”
GICT Training Testimonials
Dr Ni Wang Dong
Data Scientist, CrimsonLogic Pte Ltd
“GICT CIoTP (Internet of Things) program has covered almost all IoT-related topics, such as IT data generation, data transfer, data storage and visualization. In addition, IoT security as well which is important to the success of all IoT projects. Moreover, this course covers a lot of Machine Learning-related content as well. The GICT trainer had taught us some models to process IoT data, which is very useful and necessary for IoT project deployment. Read More
GICT Training Testimonials
Li Jianfeng
System Engineer, GovTech
“The courses at GICT allowed me to acquire deep knowledge on Data Science, Blockchain technology, Cloud Computing and IoT by way of classroom hands-on and project work component which reinforces the theory knowledge gained.Read More
GICT Training Testimonials
Amit Banore
Project Manager
“During this difficult time, GICT Training was able to arrange the virtual instructor-led training at short notice, and the delivery of training didn’t affect the transfer of knowledge, in my opinion. I’m impressed.”
Michelle Chu - GICT Training
Michelle Chu
Application Manager, Pacific International Lines
“GICT CBDSA (Big Data Science) program gave insights of big data technologies used extensively in today's world. The Principal Trainer was experienced and was able to clarify doubts promptly. This training will definitely upskill in latest technology stacks in big data space and will be more relevant in coming times.”
Manoj Bhardwaj
Manoj Bhardwaj
Project Director, NeoXam
"I have just completed GICT’s CMLS (Machine Learning) course and it has been a wonderful experience. The principal trainer and administration team are extremely helpful and always ready to clarify any doubts there may be. The duration of each lesson is just nice and the pace is ideal, with the content delivered clearly and thoroughly. The training has equipped me with pertinent skills that are sought after in today's highly digitalised world and it has been an enriching learning experience. I look forward to signing up for more courses in future."
Rickson Hu
Nanyang Technological Univ (student)
“GICT’s Principal Trainer is knowledgeable and able to answer our questions with relevant examples…”
GICT Training Testimonials
Andrea Er
Assoc System Engineer, GovTech
I took the Certified Cloud Computing Course during the “circuit breaker” (lock down) due to COVID. We had to undergo the training online via Zoom. Initially I was doubtful of the training as it would be done remotely. However the instructor was able to guide each one of us during the training. He was very patient in helping each individual's issue in setting up the environment in our traning. Over all very impressed with the course.
Navarro Aries Piccolo
Navarro Aries Piccolo
JPMorgan Chase, Senior Messaging Engineer
As an Arts and Social Sciences student, GICT CBAS (Business Analytics) training and certification program has been a boon for me to enhance my portfolio and gain an edge over my peers. Even in the humanities, knowledge of data sciences has become highly sought after for jobs and internships. The course gave me a brilliant introduction to data science; in which the project work component gave me the opportunity to carry out a real-life project that allowed me to combine my existing knowledge in politics and apply it to business analytics and data science learning.
Timothy Timuari
Timothy Timuari
National Univ. of Singapore (student)
“GICT CBAS (Business Analytics) provides a good learning opportunity to anyone who would like to acquire knowledge on business analytics. The course was conducted professionally with comprehensive course materials to guide you in using the relevant software. The various hands-on exercises were easy to follow and gives you a first-hand chance to try before the instructors goes through with you on how to use the software. The course equipped me with necessary skills to apply what is taught in the course for future opportunities.”
Jazin Wee
Jazin Wee
Singapore Management University (student)
"GICT CDAS (Data Analytics) course is well-paced, balanced with theory and hands-on practice. The material provides good coverage and step-by-step guidance on crucial analytical techniques. I am now more confident with using the R programming language and Rattle GUI to conduct effective data mining, analysis and display of data visualization."
Lucas Tan
Lucas Tan
National Univ. of Singapore (student)
“As a data management professional without much data analytics experience, I benefited from the CDAS program which provided me with insights into data analytics technologies, concepts and hands-on coding with R programming language. The GICT administrative staff has been very helpful as well. The trainer has shared industrial experiences that are valuable for my current role. The training materials were very well put together and comprehensive for the course and for future reference.”
GICT Training Testimonials
Phua Cheng Poh
Customer Master Management Manager, Alcon Pte Ltd.
“GICT CBAS (Business Analytics) program has greatly enabled me to understand the data mining process and tools from a business perspective. Read More
GICT Training Testimonials
San San Htwe
Lead Consultant, NCS Pte. Ltd.
“The CBAS (Business Analytics) training is useful for work and data is much needed to have deeper business insights…”
GICT Training Testimonials
Dr Phang Chiew Hun
Ngee Ann Polytechnic
“The CDAS (Data Analytics) course helped me to further develop my data analytics knowledge and acquire new skills in R programming. The instructor is very patient and provided good guidance. Also thumbs up to admin for facilitating the registration process.”
GICT Training Testimonials
Diana L.
Metrics & Documentation Coordinator, Security & Risks Solutions Pte Ltd
"The CBAS (Business Analytics) course has delivered all that I was looking for to upskill myself ….. perhaps even more! The instructor was very knowledgeable and open to the latest trends in Data and Technology. The positive learning atmosphere was tremendously helpful as the curriculum can get thoroughly technical and rigorous at times. Read More
GICT Training Testimonials
Lee Ee Xuan
Singapore Management University (student).
Virtual instructor-led training (VILT)
"The CBAS (Business Analytics) course has delivered all that I was looking for to upskill myself ….. perhaps even more! The instructor was very knowledgeable and open to the latest trends in Data and Technology. The positive learning atmosphere was tremendously helpful as the curriculum can get thoroughly technical and rigorous at times. Read More
Carmen Hui - GICT Training
Carmen Hui
Regional Media Director
"The CIoTP (Internet of Things) course by GICT helped me to gain thorough understanding of Data Protocol and Dashboard. In addition, it provided an overall picture of how IoT works through hands-on sessions during the training. I find the GICT training & certification to be technologically comprehensive and of value. "
GICT Training Testimonials
A. Muthuganapathy
Project Service Engineer, Minerva Industrial and Trading Pte Ltd
“GICT CBAS (Business Analytics) training has broadened my knowledge on data analytics. The Principal Trainer is also very nice and friendly.”
Ong Yiren
Ong Yiren
Singapore Polytechnic (student)
“ The Principal Trainer knows her subject well, perhaps even too well. She segments her lessons in a well-organized manner to ensure the training is easy to understand.”
Dalton Goh
Dalton Goh
Singapore Polytechnic (student)
“As part of this certification program, I have acquired in depth knowledge on data modelling, Data Mining and Data Analysis which play a major role in my career. On top of that, I have also acquired knowledge on the functionality of Data Warehouse. The GICT trainer had the required experience to share her knowledge on Business Analytics. This is a highly recommended certification program.”
GICT Training Testimonials
Alex Tan
Gaming Surveillance Asst. Manager, Resorts World Sentosa
"The CBAS (Business Analytics) programme administered by GICT Training provides good coverage on Data Analytics. It has broadened my understanding on this area and I can immediately see how I can apply it at work in the future. The project and exercises help us to apply what we learn as well. "
Shermaine Tay - GICT Training
Shermaine Tay
WT (R)* Services LLP, Business Development Manager
"5 of our staff attended the CIoTS (Internet of Things) training by GICT. We have learned new IoT software tools and were made aware of the various technologies in the market place that we can deploy to solve technical problems that our customers have been waiting for some time and we will move on to formulate new solutions that can be offered to our customers, thus expanding our product portfolio. This course has provided our staff with a firm foundation for us to learn and accumulate their knowledge on IoT. "
GICT Training Testimonials
Goh Bun Hong
Managing Director, Clean Systems Technology (S) Pte Ltd
"The CIoTS (Internet of Things) course delivered by GICT was very useful for our technical staff to acquire knowledge about some of the new IoT software tools. It provided us with a firm foundation on IoT knowledge and also helped us resolve technical issues that we were facing at our customer sites. 5 of our staff had attended this course."
GICT Training Testimonials
Ferozkhan Nujumudheen
General Manager, Clean Systems Technology (S) Pte Ltd
"I had 4 days of great fun and experiences learning R programming. The trainer has provided more insights and knowledge that will be valuable for me in my current role. I would definitely recommend this course to my friends and colleagues who are interested in Data Analytics."
Ng Shumin - GICT Training | Global ICT Training
Ng Shumin
Operational Risk Manager
“Data Analytics is one of the most essential courses for today’s society and GICT provides participants the essential training to acquire the skills. I have attended a 4-day training course on CDAS (Data Analytics (R)) and I was able to take away so many skills and information. Read More
Nur-Diana GICT Training - Global ICT Training | Singapore
Nur Diana Bte Zainuren
Nanyang Technological Univ (student)
“The course offered by GICT equipped me well with the necessary skills and expertise and to further my knowledge, shortening my learning curve in the knowledge acquisition process. I’m sure this will certainly play a part in advancing my professional career. It was immense satisfaction on completion of the course.“
Ng Chong Hun (Hann) GICT Training - Global ICT Training | Singapore
Ng Chong Hun (Hann)
IT Operation Analyst
“I developed a keen interest in Business Analytics, when I was pursuing my MBA program. Since then I was looking out for specialized courses in Singapore in order further develop my knowledge and expertise on BA. Read More
Fanni-Li GICT Training - Global ICT Training | Singapore
Ms. Fanni Li
Financial Services Adviser
“As an entrepreneur working on business start-ups, my value creation to my business associates is to provide expertise in the areas of IT to support our business needs. I am well aware of the benefits of cloud computing and how it can improve my business. However, I lacked an in-depth understanding and appreciation of the technology. Read More
Wong-Tong-Yuan - GICT Training - Global ICT Training | Singapore
Wong Tong Yuan
E-commerce Consultant
“I attended the CBAS (Certified Business Analytics Specialist) course offered by GICT, in November 2013. Through this course, I learned a lot about Business Analytics techniques and tools, as well as related topic on the underlying technology (infrastructure), e.g. to set-up a good Data Warehouse environment, etc.
Mr. Bowi Ignatius Foo
Compliance and Management Reporting Manager (Singapore)
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