“As a Business Analyst professional without much hands-on coding experience, the GICT’s Principal Trainer was very helpful in guiding me during the training. At the end of the course, I’ve acquired the necessary skills (hands-on) in development and implementation of IoT using Python programming on Raspberry Pi.”
GICT Training Testimonials
Roger Ang
“The CBAS (Business Analytics) course has provided me greater insight into the world of business data analytics. I hope to apply the technical knowledge acquired from this training in my current role.”
GICT Training Testimonials
Mary Varughese
Lead SAP Manager, Olympus Singapore,
“I wish to express my sincere appreciation to GICT for providing an excellent course on business analytics. This course provides me a holistic view of business analytics; It provides me the fundamental to become a business analytics specialist. The usefulness of this course is strongly felt during my SMU’s Master of IT in business analytics course. I can effectively grasp the business analytics jargons with the faculty members and my peers. Read More
SK-Teh | GICT Training - Global ICT Training | Singapore
SK Teh
Manager, Health Promotion Board (Singapore)
“GICT’s Certificate in Business Analytics Specialist (CBAS) (Business Analytics) program transferred knowledge and skills with respect to data mining (including Rapid Miner) and to solve real world business cases. The knowledge and skills I learnt in this program helps me in identifying and in deploying various data mining modeling techniques. I enjoyed the face-to-face training sessions in which the trainer was very passionate in teaching and imparting knowledge.“
Eric-Tay | GICT Training - Global ICT Training | Singapore
Eric Tay
“I love this Business Analytics program a lot! GICT’s Principal Trainer teaches the class on technical skills which are very practical, as well as theoretical knowledge using real world cases/scenarios. The mining tool that was taught in the class helped to spot patterns, trends, relationships by various techniques and modeling which significantly reduce effort and time to discover and even predict future events. I really enjoy the session in which GICT’s Trainer as well as students sharing their own professional experiences in classes. I learnt more than I expected!“
Wong-Shir-Yee | GICT Training - Global ICT Training | Singapore
Wong Shir Yee
Pricing Analyst
“I am a senior executive with 12+ years of extensive experience in Master Data Management. My credentials in the data management domain include data governance, MDM architecture and data quality management. Becoming a GICT Certified Business Analytics Specialist by undergoing the training at GICT, I believe my knowledge on Business Analytics has further advanced and enhanced.“
GICT Training Testimonials
Phua Cheng Poh
Master Data Management Head For Asia
“My experience with GICT’s Certified in Business Analytics Specialist (CBAS) (Business Analytics) programme has been overwhelmingly positive. It had provided me with valuable knowledge and skills with respect to Data Mining. The training materials were well-organised and comprehensive. I enjoyed the hands-on session on RapidMiner tools which exposed me to create Data Mining models based on real-world obstacles.“
GICT Training Testimonials
Ooi Zhao Sheng Gabriel
Software Specialist, ST Electronics (Info-Software) Pte Ltd
“IoT is an up and comping technology and I do not have the background and clear knowledge of it. The course shortened the learning curve and provided me the ability to use in my work. GICT Trainers were knowledgeable and workshops provided practical know how in addition to theoretical concepts.“
GICT Training Testimonials
Ryan Wong
Assistant Vice President, SingPost
“As technology evolves where devices interoperates to improve / change the way of living to be more efficient and increases productivity. This course allows us to gain more insights on the risk and opportunity of what IoT can bring to us. GICT Trainer is also able to share with the class real life examples of what / where IoT are around us.“
GICT Training Testimonials
Liew Siek Fong
Assistant Vice President, SingPost (IT Infrastructure & Support)
“This course helped me to connect the “buzz” words floating on IoT space and gave a very clear approach to implement IoT in our organisation. What was only theoretical knowledge before attending this course, now converted to a practical implementation.“
GICT Training Testimonials
Assistant Vice President, SingPost
“The CIoTS (Internet of Things) Course offered by GICT is a quick way to pick up and apply IoT technology to any organisation either in R&D or implementing cutting edge technologies in Singapore context. This technology can be applied to a wide variety of uses with creativity it can reach heights and has potential to create a next wave of Uber and AirBnB.“
GICT Training Testimonials
Abdul Aleem
Solutions Architect, SingPost
“The CBAS course by GICT offered an excellent overview of data analytics and is suitable for anyone who is interested in this field. Also, the registration process was very smooth and prompt.”
GICT Training Testimonials
Benecia Tang
Singapore Polytechnic (student)
“GICT trainer was very helpful and knowledgeable in facilitating the class. He didn’t withhold or hesitate to share his industrial expertise and real-time cases with the class. The materials covered were comprehensive and relevant to current industry requirements and standards. I would definitely recommend this course to my friends and colleagues.“
Mohamad-Ideal-Bin | GICT Training - Global ICT Training | Singapore
Mohamad Ideal Bin Ismail
Infocomm Technology, Corporate Development Department
he training at GICT and the GICT certification has enhanced my skills related with respect to date mining tools and data warehouse architecture. The course is well structured and designed to equip any student with precise theory and practical knowledge on data mining and data warehouse subjects.The GICT trainer is very knowledgeable, passionate and shared valuable industry experiences that was useful to me and other students. Read More
Naresh-Punjab | GICT Training - Global ICT Training | Singapore
Naresh Punjabi
SVP, United Overseas Bank Limited (UOB)
“The course by GICT on CIoTS (Internet of Things)helped me to leverage and explore various IoT platforms, architecture models and choose the correct platform for a specific project. The trainer is more helpful and he went extra mile to put himself into our shoes to understand the basic concepts. After the course I am able to understand the different pieces of an IoT"
Ravi-Sharmila | GICT Training - Global ICT Training | Singapore
Ravi Sharmila
Lecturer, Republic Polytechnic
“As a lecturer in IT area, I need to keep on my pace with new technologies and innovations. Currently, Cloud computing is one of the very hot topics, and I was convinced it would be of value to explore more in detail by attending a training and certification program so that I could impart what I acquired (knowledge) to my students."
Sun-Lei | GICT Training - Global ICT Training | Singapore
Mr. Sun Lei
“I am so glad that I attended the CBAS (Business Analytics) course in December 2014. The training program has provided me with an in-depth understanding of data architecture & data mining. This has made me feel confident that I could make good contributions to my organisation as a result of this training program."
GICT Training Testimonials
Madushan Alwis
Assistant Manager, NUS Development Office
“GICT training program was very comprehensive and hands on as well theory and concepts on Business Analytics. Though I was relatively new to BA, I was able to acquire in depth understanding and knowledge by attending this program. GICT Trainer was very knowledgeable and assisted us in acquiring skills in BA through theory and concepts as well as thru the hands-on sessions."
GICT Training Testimonials
Mr. Sng Teck Guan
IT Support Engineer, Jardine OneSolution Pte Ltd
“I was interested to learn about business analytics, this CBAS (Business Analytics) course has provided me with the skills and tools that would be required to perform business analysis for my future employers.”
Low-Wei-Dong | GICT Training - Global ICT Training | Singapore
Low Wei Dong
National Univ. of Singapore (student)
“The course has provided valuable knowledge and insights about Cloud Computing to aid in my job as a Product Manager (Technology). I especially enjoyed the detailed technical discussions and hands-on practical which further deepened my understanding of the impact, benefits and architecture of the Cloud"
GICT Training Testimonials
Mr. Andy Ng Zhixian
Product Manager, Open Business Solutions Pte Ltd
“I am an Undergraduate in SMU majoring in Operations Management. I attended the Certified Cloud Computing Specialist (CCCS) coursed offered by GICT. Being a business major, I had little technical knowledge in the field of cloud computing. However, based on a recommendation from a friend, and my keen interest in the prospects of cloud computing, I decided to give the CCCS (Cloud Computing) course a shot! Despite having no knowledge, GICT’s Principal Trainer was very patient and knowledgeable in this field, and answered our queries and even gave us significant insights into the world of cloud computing. Furthermore, the hands-on practical session was an eye-opener as I was able to create my own cloud!“
GICT Training Testimonials
Mr. Julius D. Roberts
Singapore Management University (student)
“As a mathematical science student (specializationstatistics) , CBAS (Business Analytics) provides a platform to introduce Business Analytics Concepts to me. It creates a portfolio of skills using data mining tools such as RapidMiner. Aspiring to be a data scientist it helps me to embark on my data science journey so that I can further advance my expansion of data science knowledge in future. The course material is highly relevant to my studies and clear explanation from the trainer I can understand the materials better. The Administrative support staff are friendly, and my queries were promptly responded. It is a good introductory course to understand data science concepts. “
Ong-Tian-Hui | GICT Training - Global ICT Training | Singapore
Ong Tian Hui
Nanyang Technological Univ (student)
“As an accountancy student of NTU I find this course very fulfilling. I am interested to find out about business analytics and this CBAS (Business Analytics) course has provide me with necessary skills and tools to provide necessary business analysis to my future employers. GICT Principal Trainer is a great educator who has demonstrated her passion and expertise to impart knowledge to her students, making learning enjoyable.“
Josiah-Goh | GICT Training - Global ICT Training | Singapore
Josiah Goh
Nanyang Technological Univ (student)
“I would like to recommend this CBAS (Business Analytics) course offered by GICT and its Training partner RapidStart to any IT professional and consultant as all topics covered in the course are practical and useful. Once again, thank you GICT for providing an excellent course on Business Analytics. I learnt more than I expected.“
Su-Hlaing-Hnin | GICT Training - Global ICT Training | Singapore
Su Hlaing Hnin
Information Technology Officer, Tecity Group (Singapore)
“CBAS (Business Analytics) course has offered me a valuable insight to the fundamentals of business analytics and how it can be implemented in an organisation. Prior to attending the course, I do not have any background on data / business analytics. After the course, through the good teachings of the instructor, I am more confident on the subject. Thanks to GICT instructor who are always willing to share his knowledge during the class.“
GICT Training Testimonials
Joey Wong
Human Resource Officer, Temasek Polytechnic
“Lessons are well paced even for people without IT or Computing background. I could appreciate the importance and usefulness in Business Analytics as student graduating into a working adult as there is a trend in rapid automation across all industries. Basic data architecture and software applications skills were critical skills being taught and tools like RapidMiner and MongoDB were exposed in my learning journey. “
Soo-Wei-Heng | GICT Training - Global ICT Training | Singapore
Soo Wei Heng
Nanyang Technological Univ (student)
“As a student who will be heading out soon to the industry , this course has equipped me with the skills and knowledge that is much sought after in the industry. GICT trainer has helped us, I have learnt more about the importance of data science. GICT administrative staff are also very helpful. Overall, it is a pleasant experience.“
Seah-Wei-Liang | GICT Training - Global ICT Training | Singapore
Seah Wei Liang James
Singapore Institute of Technology
“As a student specializing in Software Engineering, it is an eye opning experience under GICT training. GICT trainers are equipped with in depth knowledge in Business Analytics and have provided me with the Skillsets that are relevant to the current job market. I am sure that the skillset and knowledge that I had acquired from GICT training will be beneficial to my future endeavours.“
Lee-Kerui.x | GICT Training - Global ICT Training | Singapore
Lee Kerui
Singapore Institute of Technology
“With the rise in Fintech and rapid growth of data collection, this course equips me with the skills to harness and process all this information. As a final year undergraduate looking to go into the finance industry where huge amount of data is generated every minute, the knowledge in data storage and skills to gather insights from the information gives me an edge over my peers. GICT course CDAS (Data Analytics) course is informative and engaging with knowledgeable trainer who made learning a new computing language less challenging.“
GICT Training Testimonials
Tan Yan Ting
Full Time Student (Singapore Institute of Management)
“As a student in university pursuing a software engineering degree, it is important to be up to date with the latest and future technology currently in the early stages. Over here at GICT, I get to learn from trainers who are experienced in their field of work. In addition, they are professional in their teaching. Under their guidance, I got to know more about cloud computing in a different approach. With the skills and knowledge learnt here, I hope to apply it on future business opportunity. Finally, I would highly recommend other students and working adults to take up this course.“
Jason-Leong | GICT Training - Global ICT Training | Singapore
Jason Leong
Singapore Institute of Technology
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