“As a final year student who is graduating next year, being well-equipped with data analytics skills such as R & Hadoop would give me an edge in terms of employability in the job market. GICT has aided me in terms of understanding more about data analytics as it is something which I am not usually exposed to in the school. Furthermore, the GICT trainer is patient in her teaching and has helped me greatly in the knowledge acquisition process. With the completion of this course, I am now more confident when handling data related tasks.“
GICT Training Testimonials
Karen Tay
Final year Student (NTU)
“The course has provided valuable information and insights about Cloud Computing. I especially enjoyed the detailed technical discussions which further deepened my understanding of the technology and architecture of the Cloud. The Principal trainers from GICT are professional, extremely knowledgeable of their respective areas of technology specializations, helpful, and openly shared their expertise and industry experiences regarding Cloud Computing. I would recommend this course to anyone who is keen to further his/her expertise in Cloud Computing.“
Mary-Ann-De-Leon | GICT Training - Global ICT Training | Singapore
Mary Ann De Leon
IT Audit Senior Manager, Seagate
“The instructor provided very valuable knowledge and information about Business Analytics. She is able to condense difficult concepts into simple terms so that we are able to understand easily. On top of that she went beyond the syllabus and taught us concepts that were related to Data Analytics but not in the scope of this course. Example: Hadoop file system and NoSQL tools such as MongoDB. She also sparked my interests in increasing my knowledge in other fields as well such as Machine Learning and IoT. “
Ang-Rui-Bin-Randy | GICT Training - Global ICT Training | Singapore
Ang Rui Bin Randy
NTU Student
“This course has equipped me with the skills and knowledge which are relevant in the workforce. I feel this course has prepared me more for my career the future. The trainer provided examples and made the difficult concepts with technical jargon easier to understand for us students. I highly recommend this course for students and working professionals even without any experience in analytics as this course is very beginner friendly. “
Tay-Jin-Yee | GICT Training - Global ICT Training | Singapore
Tay Jin Yee
NationalUniv of Singapore Student
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