Nur Diana Bte Zainuren

Data Analytics is one of the most essential courses for today’s society and GICT provides participants the essential training to acquire the skills. I have attended a 4-day training course on CDAS (Data Analytics (R)) and I was able to take away so many skills and information. The GICT trainer was extremely patient and dedicated during the training. He provided us with extra information if we are interested in diving deeper into this sector. GICT overall is amazing and the staff there are nice. They follow up with you if you are interested in any other course or face some administrative issues on the way. They also provide so many other courses that are relevant in today’s digital world. I am glad that I found GICT and was able to make good use of my remaining holiday period.

Nur-Diana GICT Training - Global ICT Training | Singapore

Nur Diana Bte Zainuren Nanyang Technological Univ (student)

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